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Letter from our Team

We seek to uphold the right to dignity that every human life has been given by God.

We are all created equally, and victims of human trafficking have their human dignity stripped from them by others who have no authority to do so. Trafficking victims represent a vulnerable population of those who are grotesquely exploited. Founded on the desire to fight for the most vulnerable members of our global society, we at Cuspis strive to mitigate these human rights abuses and restore the compassion which its victims are denied. This perspective drives our organization and our actions. Standing against this problem and with those affected shows the compassion and mercy which they deserve; we will not stand still and do nothing.

Our Directives

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Provide the public with an informed and realistic understanding of the tragic nature of human trafficking through written reports, multimedia presentations (podcasts), and social media engagement. Intelligence gathering and data analysis supports our production of reliable and valid research. Cuspis will also support efforts of professionals who interact with victims (including law enforcement, healthcare, social services, as well as others) and potential victims through increased awareness to warning signs and identification of victims and traffickers provided by research and resources.


  • Emphasize the severity and impact that human trafficking has on everyday life to both professionals and the general public. This includes informational presentations at academic institutions, law enforcement agencies, and health care agencies.

  • Investigate human trafficking on a local and regional level to further identify gaps in current data; determine best practices and approaches with respect to intelligence gathering, research, and data analysis.

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Research-based efforts to protect potential victims and to provide security and relief to current victims. Protection includes prevention efforts through education. Relief includes compassion and support for victims’ mental, physical, and emotional health.


  • Implement practices within healthcare and law enforcement to recognize human trafficking victims and act on their behalf.

  • Educate key stakeholders on efficient identification methods in their various fields so they can begin to recognize and advocate for victims.