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Everyday Actions

Fighting modern slavery of labor trafficking can be done any day and every day simply by making conscientious choices. The products we use every day are produced somewhere by someone - some of these people are subject to forced labor. By increasing our awareness of this and utilizing products from brands that are certified against forced labor, we can contribute to this fight and support those who are victims. Below are links that can inform consumer decisions:

Additional Organizations

We aim to connect people to as much information as possible regarding the issue of modern slavery and we support the efforts of other organizations dedicated to fighting this issue. For additional information the following organizations provide superior information and resources on anti-human trafficking data and mitigation efforts:

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The U.S. State Department

Its Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Person serves as the lead force in the U.S.' anti-human trafficking efforts. It spreads awareness through its yearly publication of the trafficking in persons report. View the 2018 Trafficking Report.


Polaris Project

National resource for top human trafficking data and statistics. They provide distinct facts pertaining to both sex trafficking and labor trafficking.

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U.S. Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign

This campaign serves as DHS’ central platform for anti-human trafficking efforts. This campaigns works in conjunction with law enforcement, government, non-governmental and private organizations to fight human trafficking.